Do High Quality Solar Lights Really Exist?

Yes definitely, you have come to the right place. Solar Light Malaysia only sell high quality solar lighting solutions that exceed your expectation.

Doesn’t Buying Cheap Solar Lights Save You Money?

The idea of getting a good deal or the best possible price is the main attraction for many customers today. You get what you pay for. Think long term. Can cheap and low quality solar lights last long? Can they cause danger to your family?

Our advice is to pay a little more and get quality solar lighting solution that lasts well over a period of time. Buy low quality items at low price will waste your hard earned money. The solar lights will end up in the rubbish bin and create environmental problem. In many cases, it is more economical to buy high-quality products than to keep buying cheap solar lights.

Why Are Solar Lights Not Lasting?

Due to the cheap solar lights sold by big online platforms, many people fall into the misconception that solar lights do not last long. Such impressions most often come from previous bad experiences or word of mouth from friends.

There’s a lot of benefits to be said about solar lights these days. No electricity bills, stays bright during power outages, no electrician costs, etc.

Today’s technological advances have made it possible to use high-quality, bright SLM solar lights that can illuminate just about anything from car porch, garden to large outdoor car parks. High quality SLM solar lights also have a longer lifespan. Lights and solar panels made of more durable materials should last longer. Just replace the battery from time to time. If you buy one with a lithium solar battery, you won’t need to replace the battery for 3-5 years (estimate only).

Solar lights are as bright and last as long as traditional mains powered lights. We have to look beyond the big online platforms. It’s a shame that there are many shady sellers that sell “cheap” and “low” quality solar lights and give bad experiences for the users.

Many People Disappointed With The Solar Lights They Bought Online

So many people have come to us after they bought cheap solar lights from online stores and were disappointed. Many people complained that after weeks or months the solar lights fail to work properly. They complain that the solar lights can only work for few hours.

But then they realized that quality solar lights do exist and that solar lights can actually meet or even exceed their needs. You will notice many customers actually come back to us to buy more solar led lights. They even recommend friends and relatives to us.

Now let’s think about what you want to achieve with your solar lights. How much brightness do you need? What are their functions? How long do you want them to stay on at night: A few hours or all night? Do you have to work for years or just a day or two? What quality do you expect? With these information, you can make decision on what work the best for you. 

So Should You Give SLM Solar Lights A Go?

Absolutely! Feel free to call us for good quality solar lights on 03 – 8052 1200 and whatsapp to or visit for your solar light needs! Please like and subscribe to our youtube channel at