Compact. Superior Performance. All-Weather Solar Light

SLM SPACE is a revolutionary new version of the proven, high-end solar light. The core platform of the design is a unique housing that looks like space ship. Pair it with high-quality world class LED chips for extra brightness in an open space. These LEDs are among the highest quality and most efficient chips available on the market today.

Premium Quality Solar Panel Absorbs More Energy

SLM solar panels are made from silicon cells made by cutting cast silicon into bars and then slicing them into wafers. They produce more electricity on a smaller scale than other panels.

SLM SPACE Has Lots Of Excellent Features

  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Weather Agnostic
  • Built For Tough Environment
  • Premium quality
  • Awesome Design
  • Latest Technology

A Radar Sensor That Detects Movement

Intelligent radar systems are built into our SLM SPACE series. They stay on at a low brightness level (30%), as soon as the radar systems detect an approaching object, it raises the brightness to 100% and returns to 30% again after a couple of minutes.

High Quality LifePro Battery

They maintain peak performance for longer and perform well in extreme temperatures.