Light-up Your Home with Great Quality Solar Lights

SLM offers high quality solar lights which are very cost effective solar energy products to light up your home without any hassle and to have the safest outdoor space throughout the year. Whether you’re having fun with your loved ones in the garden after sunset, doing your household chores outdoor or washing your car at home, Solar Light Malaysia (SLM) is committed to brighten up your outdoor space.

SLM brings you the best solar light for home which is virtually maintenance free and installation of these lights is duck soup. The best part is that you are going to save money on your electricity bills by installing these solar powered outdoor lights. Solar flood lights, solar ceiling lights, outdoor solar spot lights, solar powered outdoor lights as well as solar street lights are among the most popular choices of those who use solar energy lights to illuminate their homes.

Top 9 Areas To Install Solar Security Lights Outside Your Home

If you have selected the right places to install solar security lights, then for sure SLM solar powered lights will do their job to decrease the security hazards and prevent crime. Without consuming electricity, outdoor solar spot lights light-up your outdoor space. By installing solar spot lights, you can ensure that no one should dare to trespass and no unwanted animal should enter your home. Hence make use of solar spot lights and solar security lights to easily manage potential hazards and risks. Here you got a list of 9 important areas outside your home where you must install SLM outdoor security lights to have secure and peaceful outdoor space:

1. All Entrances of Your Home – Lampu Solar Untuk Entrance
Installing SLM solar spot lights at all the entrances of your home is the best way to secure your living place. The bright light on the entrance can deter the robbers from breaking into your property because it becomes difficult for thieves to hide even if they think of picking a lock. Also with a solar spot light during the night, it becomes easier for you to look for the right key to open the lock at the entrance of your home.

2. Autogate / Main Entrance of Your Home
Since mostly auto-gates are used as the main entrance of homes, you must install solar lights outdoor above the pillar of your gate. You must do it to keep the intruders away from entering your property. On the other hand, installing solar lights outdoor can be really helpful for you to do your daily house chores outside your home at night time. Outdoor solar flood lights can turn out to be very useful when you have to throw rubbish on a dark night.

3. Walk-ways in Outdoor Space of Your Home
By lighting up the walkways in the outdoor space of your property by using solar spotlight outdoor or solar flood lights you can easily prevent the entry of burglars to your home. Also this is a good way to help yourself from falling or tripping in the dark. Solar spot lights can easily frighten the thieves and they will be forced to think of being caught because of the solar spotlights.

4. Your Outdoor Stairway
It can be dangerous if you have to climb stairs in the dark while entering your home. By installing solar led lights to illuminate your stairway you don’t only save yourself from falling and slipping from the stairs but also it is a kind message for the intruders that they can be seen if they may try to enter your home. It will be best to install solar spot light outdoor as it will be turned on automatically when some object approaches the steps.

5. Light-up Your Swimming Pool
If you have kids or pets, then a swimming pool at your home can be a safety risk even during the day time. At night, specifically if you haven’t installed led solar lights outdoor to keep the swimming pool well-lighted, then you’re putting your loved ones at risk. You can keep your kids and pets safe from the danger by setting up a solar flood light at some pillar near the surrounding area so that swimming can be lightened.

6. All Sides of Your Home
Never leave dark spaces around your house. Leaving dark spaces around your house means you’re inviting the intruders to easily hide in dark spaces to enter and damage your property. Instead of being worried, simply install SLM led solar lights outdoor around the sides and ensure the safety of your home.

7. Open Areas & Garden – Lampu Solar Untuk Garden
Nothing will go unnoticed in the open areas or in the garden of your house if you have already installed SLM outdoor solar garden lights. If your installed lights are in order, then there is no way that thieves can even think of entering your property to cause any damage.

8. Light-up the Deck / Patio
You have to secure all the spaces near to your entrances and deck as well as the patio are the areas where you must install SLM solar security light. If you have put in place the proper lighting, it will help to prevent any potential trip hazards because these areas are one of the slipperiest areas of your house. To make it perfect, you should get our solar fan as well. Have a seat, relax, and enjoy every sip of your tea!

9. Back-lane Lighting
Gear up with SLM outdoor solar spot lights for the back-lane or street send a message to the intruders that they can be easily caught even during the night time if they dare to enter your property. Normally intruders tend to cut the metal grill (window grill) to enter the house. If the outside area of your house is bright enough, your neighbors can see easily if there is an intruder.

Install Your Solar LED Lights Today

SLM offers customized solar lighting solutions so we assure you that we’ll leave no stone unturned to light-up and secure your property. Better send us pictures and if possible videos of the areas around and within your house that you want to lighten up, our solar lighting experts will guide you to get the most appropriate solar powered lighting gadgets. WhatsApp us at 012 – 405 8791 to contact Solar Light Malaysia now!