What Exactly Is A Solar Light?

Solar lighting can be used to illuminate large areas without spending a lot of money. A solar light is made up of solar panels (otherwise known as solar cells), LED chips, charging controller and rechargeable battery.

What Is A Light Emitting Diode (LED)?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device which works as a semiconductor. It is designed to emit light when electric current is passed through this device.

Solar Light – How Does It Work?

Solar panels are designed to absorb the energy directly from the sunlight which is converted into electric current. Then this electric current is stored in a rechargeable battery in the form of chemical potential energy. LED Solar Lights outdoor work automatically. They switch on after the sunset as well as turn off automatically during the day time.

Solar Power – How Is It Generated?

Interested in learning how it works?
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Almost all types of solar lights outdoor operate in a similar fashion. In a photovoltaic cell, also known as solar cell, electric current or voltage is generated by absorbing the sunlight during the process which is called photovoltaic effect. A photovoltaic cell, manufactured by using chemicals and several layers of crystalline silicon, transfers the absorbed solar energy in the form of electric voltage to the negatively charged particles (electrons) which are pushed into positively charged spaces.
Electricity, in the form of direct current, is transmitted through positively charged spaces towards the rechargeable battery to be stored or straight to the LED light lights to be illuminated.
Simply put, sunlight is absorbed by the solar (photovoltaic) cells which are converted into electric charge to be flowed through the solar light panel. There are wires to connect the solar panel with a charging controller to convert and store the electric current in the form of potential (chemical) energy in a rechargeable battery.

What Is The Best Place To Install Solar Lights?

No electric wiring is required for the installation of solar powered outdoor lights but make sure the solar light panel attached with the light is mounted above and has exposure to the sunlight. If the panel is not mounted above, there will be an interference of led solar light with the solar light controller and solar light sensor.


It will affect the computation and detection of sunlight by the sensors. Light sensors monitor the amount of light and if it is less than 80%, the controller will automatically illuminate the solar light. When the solar panel, mounted above, calculates that the amount of light is more than or equal to 80%, it will consider it daytime and will turn the solar lights off.

Which Direction Should Your Solar Panels Be Facing?

The straight forward answer for this simple question is ‘South’.
Well, it is very necessary for the solar panel to be exposed to the sunlight at max to generate and store the maximum amount of electricity in a rechargeable battery. Experts at SLM suggest that the best possible direction for the solar panels to face and receive the maximum amount of solar energy is ‘South’

What Are The 10 Great Advantages Of Solar Lighting?

1. No Electricity Consumption – This is the greatest advantage for those who replace conventional electric lighting with solar lighting. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to consume the sunlight. Therefore, non-conventional energy consumption means no electricity bills.

2. No Electric Wiring Cables – The best part is that you don’t have to deal with electricians if you have installed solar lighting. As there is no external wiring involved so you don’t have to worry about trip hazards that normally happen while handling the traditional lighting when you may have to run the cables.

3. Green Energy – By installing the solar powered outdoor lights system, you are playing your part to save the planet. Hence save your money while saving the natural world.

4. Power Outage is Something that Never Happens – You must be thankful to the sun that you don’t have to light candles and use a torch when there is a power cut because of bad weather or for any other reason. In some particular areas of Malaysia, it is very normal for power outages to happen because of bad weather conditions. Therefore, simply get the outdoor solar security lights or solar street lights installed and you’ll never have to live without lighting during the night time.

5. Turns Off and On Automatically – Solar light is featured to turn on during the night time and turn off automatically when it’s the day time. So have no worries about wasting time in setting reminders to do that. Automatic functionality works in three different ways. The light sensors are made to compute the amount of sunlight and turn on the solar light when it is less than 80%. Secondly, a voltage sensor, integrated inside the circuit, turns on the light when the solar panel stops charging the electric current while considering that there is no sufficient sunlight in the environment. Built-in motion sensors can detect the objects and can turn on the solar light to full brightness when some object is found at a particular distance from the light.

6. No Worries about the Maintenance – It is a proven fact that LEDs have longer lifespan in comparison to other light sourceswhich means there will be no need for maintenance when compared to other lighting devices.

7. Best Way to Deter Burglars and Intruders – Have a sound sleep at your home because installing the flawless SLMsolar led lightsis a way to tell the intruders and burglars that they can be seen easily while trespassing.

8. Efficiency at the Workplace – By installing solar flood lights or solar spot lights, you can ensure that your workers can perform their assigned jobs efficiently. Also it will help you avoid workplace accidents.

9. ReduceOperating Expenditures – A significant portion of operating expenditures is added by consuming electricity. Large manufacturing plants and factories need to illuminate vast dark and shadowed areas that considerably increase their power consumption. Hence installation of solar flood lights is the best solution to reduce such operating expenditure.

10. Portability – Without any trouble, you can easily relocate or reposition the solar light wherever you want.

How Long Does It Take For A Solar Light To Get Charged?

Light absorption capacity of the solar panel along with weather conditions are the two major factors that decide how long it will take for a solar light to get charged. Therefore, this is very important if the current weather is sunny or cloudy.
On a nice sunny day, sunlight provides optimum conditions for solar lights to charge sufficient energy to illuminate the solar lamp during the night time.
Solar Light Battery of the brand new solar lights must be charged for at least two days before they are used for the first time. In case the sky is completely covered by the clouds, you have to stay calm as it may take up to 10 days to charge the battery. This is how you can allow the solar battery to have maximum power that it can provide.

When Does A Solar Light Turn On?

Built-in voltage sensors detect the sunlight and turn on and off the solar light automatically which means you don’t have to do that manually.
Warning: Outdoor solar garden lights, solar gate lights, solar street lights or any other type of outdoor lighting, which is powered through the sunlight, will be turned off in the presence of conventional electric lighting. As soon as solar panel voltage sensors detect the lighting source providing enough light, they will switch off the solar securitylights right away.
Built-in voltage sensor of the solar lights makes the on-off function work automatically but still they come with On/Off Power Button to handle it manually if necessary.
It’s super convenient!
No timer needed – no reminders required!

Comparison Of Watts and Lumens By Experts At SLM (Solar Light Malaysia)

Built-in voltage sensors detect the sunlight and turn on and off the solar light automatically which means you don’t have to do that manually.
Warning: Outdoor solar garden lights, solar gate lights, solar street lights or any other type of outdoor lighting, which is powered through the sunlight, will be turned off in the presence of conventional electric lighting. As soon as solar panel voltage sensors detect the lighting source providing enough light, they will switch off the solar securitylights right away.
Built-in voltage sensor of the solar lights makes the on-off function work automatically but still they come with On/Off Power Button to handle it manually if necessary.
It’s super convenient!
No timer needed – no reminders required!

What Is The Concept Of Wattage For Solar Powered Light?

Wattage does not indicate how bright the solar light will be rather it measures how much electric current is consumed to illuminate the solar powered lights. Same concept applies whether you consider using electricity or solar energy to light up the light.
If you find some solar light which is labelled as 1000 watt, there’s nothing to wonder about because it is called “Fake” wattage.

What Exactly Is Lumens For Solar Powered Light?

Renewable energy experts at SLM (Solar Light Malaysia) describe the lumens as a unit to measure the brightness. In other words, it is the amount of light produced by a solar light to lighten the surroundings. A higher number of lumens means a higher brightness level and vice versa. SLM LED has been proved a technological blessing as it offers greater level of brightness for lowest possible power consumption.

You need to understand that batteries used by the solar powered lights range from 3.2V to 3.7V and the power given to the solar lights cannot be equal to the conventional electric current (AC). Hence the wattage you see printed on the label of solar lights that you buy from the online platforms, are not real. However, Solar Light Malaysia (SLM) is committed to provide the consumers with the information based on real performance of the solar lights. And the truth which can’t be denied is that conventional lights designed to function with 220V is far brighter than LED solar light. Solar light is just awesome, we really can’t ask for more.

How Does SLM Calculate Lumens Per Watt (Im/W)?

Lumens per watt refer to the measuring unit to calculate the energy efficiency and luminous efficacy. Total amount of emitted light (in lumens) is divided by the consumed power (watts) to find out the effectiveness of the solar products.
Let’s take an example:
A solar light supplied by SLM delivers 3500 lumens by consuming just 23W.
Now apply the formula:
Lumens / Wattage
= 3500lm/23W
= 152lm/W
Unfortunately, if you have bought a solar product of some ordinary brand, you can read their label that their device delivers 3600 lumens by consuming 45W.
= 80lm/W
So do the math to find out that SLM solar products offer you 51% cheaper solar lighting solutions.

How To Determine The LED Lumens You Need?

It is pretty hard to answer this question. You may have to consider a variety of factors to calculate your required LED lumens such as shape, size and height of the area as well as the amount of brightness you want to illuminate the place.

What Factors To Consider When Calculating The Lumens Required By Your Outdoor Solar Garden Lights?

Depending on your requirements of brightness, you can have a variety of outdoor solar lights to choose from. These lights look amazing when installed to obtain the purpose of landscape lighting. They are easy to install and maintain. Not only are they cost effective but the best part is that there is no chance of the electric hazards.
Medium size outdoor solar garden lights may fall in the range of 50 – 300 lumens whereas if you need large size outdoor garden lights then expect them to be in the range of 600 – 1800 lumens.

How Many Lumens Solar Flood Lights Require To Function?

If you want to illuminate a home garden, porch, driveway, warehouse, taman, parking lot, factories, playground or tamanbacklanes then you must get hands on our SLM high quality solar flood lights. Signboards and billboards can also be illuminated by using these types of solar lights.
Solar flood lights come with far better specifications as compared to solar garden lights because they are made to light up the larger areas.
For domestic use, solar flood lights can be between 700 – 1300 lumens whereas you need to get an outdoor solar spot light that must have up to 2000 lumens if you intend to use it for commercial purposes.

How Many Lumens Are Required For Solar Street Lights?

Regardless of the street being public or private, you must check the size of the area that you have to light up by using a solar street light. Solar led street lightsoffer peace of mind to the home owners and make them feel safer at night. Solar security light offers protection by lighting up your home’s immediate outdoor vicinity and by leaving no dark places for burglars and intruders to hide.

Solar Light – How Long Does It Last?

Normally, solar led lights are featured to function 6 times longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights. A led solar light is typically designed to work for more or less 50 thousand hours (estimation only). With the passage of time, brightness of these solar led lights decrease with the depreciation of lumens.

How Many Years In 50,000 Hours?

Considering that your installed solar led light is switched on and off automatically, if it functions from 7pm to 7am then it should work for almost 4166 hours. If this calculation is considered correct, it can be estimated that solar powered outdoor lights should work for about 11-12 years.

How to Maintain Your Solar Lights?

A good rule of thumb is to keep the solar panel clean to achieve the optimum performance. Make use of soft cloth to clean the solar panel as it will extend the lifespan of the solar lighting system.

Is Solar Lighting Really Eco-Friendly?

Yes, it is!
Solar lighting is powered by sunlight which does not have any harmful effects on the environment.

What is the Solar Light Price in Malaysia?

The wattage of the solar lighting starts from 10W to a few hundred watts whereas the solar light prices range in Malaysia starts from one hundred ringgits and goes up to a couple of thousand ringgits.

Advantages of Solar Lighting For Warehouses & Factories

Warehouses, factories and a variety of commercial businesses can cut their electricity bills up to a significant level by using solar lighting solutions. Look no further than SLM Solar Powered Lights if you want to install high quality solar lights to reduce your operating expenditures.

What Makes You Feel Safe at Night?

In case you are living alone, installing solar led lights can make you feel safe because they will turn on automatically after the sunset even if you’re away from home. Research suggests that homeowners, who have installed solar light indoor ceiling as well as outdoor solar light, feel safer as compared to those who have conventional lighting systems in place. You can have a deeper sleep with our SLM solar lights.

Solar Lighting That Works in In All Types of Weather

SLM Solar Powered Lights are water resistant so have no worries about the rainy season. Hence it is guaranteed that our solar powered lights work efficiently in all types of weather conditions

Quick & Easy Solar Light Installation

Whether you need to install solar flood lights or any other type of solar lights, you simply have to put in some screws in the wall and there you go.
If you’re installing an SLM Solar Powered Lights then you don’t have to call the electrician, you can simply do it yourself.

So Have You Made Your Mind to Get the Solar Lights Installed?

Regardless of whether you need a solar lighting solution for your home or you intend to use it to reduce your power expenditures of your business, SLM is at your best bet. Don’t hesitate to drop by or talk to our experts on the phone by calling 012-405 8791. They will explain how we can help you to make your solar lighting plans work.

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