What is Solar Light?

Solar lighting can be used to illuminate large areas without spending a lot of money. A solar light is made up of solar panels (otherwise known as solar cells), LED chips, charging controller and rechargeable battery. If you’re in search of solar light products that you can trust and that must be made to live with severe weather conditions of Malaysia, then SLM (Solar Light Malaysia) must be your first choice. We have a wide range of solar powered products that include but are not limited to solar ceiling light, solar fan, led solar street lights, solar flood light, solar spot light, and commercial solar street lights. We offer flawless as well as high performing solar powered products and it’s guaranteed that every product you receive from SLM requires minimal maintenance. Buying solar powered street lights means you don’t have to worry about wiring, hacking, digging or piping. Solar street lighting is always preferred when it comes to commercial application of this technology in addition to governmental projects. Are you one of those who really care about the natural and eco-friendly environment? If your response is yes, then keep reading further.