Sales and Supply of High Quality Solar Light Products

SLM offers a countrywide supply of solar lighting products. Our range of products include solar powered outdoor lights, outdoor solar spot lights, solar street lights, solar flood lights, solar spot lights, solar ceiling lights, solar fans and the list goes on.
We believe that our customers are willing to pay a little more as long as the solar lights they receive are bright, solid and work all year round.
With a wide range of solar powered lights to choose from, there is a perfect option for you. Create a safe environment now.

All Materials And Components Are Of High Quality

At SLM, we constantly strive to diversify the range of solar light products that we supply and sell. We have a wide variety of products to meet the various needs of our customers. SLM products are carefully selected to meet our high performance standards. Each part is carefully selected to work with all other parts. The important point is that we don’t sell low quality products, please don’t compare our products with those cheap products.

The Elderly Parents Are Reluctant To Turn On Fans Or Lights To Save Electricity, What Can You Do?

Then buy one of our solar lights for your parents. The solar light will automatically turn on at night, and turn off at sunrise. Our indoor and outdoor solar lights are very convenient with zero electricity bills.

Safer Living Environment and Sleep Deeper With Solar Lights Outdoor

In most people’s eyes there is a simple and direct connection between bright lights and crime. Better lighting will deter intruders who benefit from darkness. They can hide behind the trees or other objects. Better lighting means that intruders can be seen by neighbours who might call the police. Even if this didn’t happen, it would deter some horrible criminals from committing crimes.
Create a safe living environment for your old parents, your wife and children now. Our SLM solar lights may make your family feel safer and sleep goes much deeper.

Save Electricity and Avoid Power Trip Hazard

Buy SLM solar lights save you from years of maintenance and electricity bills and inconvenience of calling an electrician to fix your power trip problems.

Solar Powered Lights Can Be Installed Easily

Installing the solar lights is simple and easy. Being wireless, solar lights can be conveniently installed in areas with no access to the power supply. You just need put some screws in. All types of our SLM solar lights require hassle-free installation and operation.

The Best Solar Lights You Can Buy Today

If you are looking to reduce your electricity consumption, just send us the photos or videos of the place that you want to light-up with our solar lights. You’ll find us ready to serve you at your doorstep anywhere in Malaysia. Call us now 012 – 405 8791