Solar Lighting Solutions For Industrial and Commercial Installation

SLM is one of the most trusted solar lighting solution providers all over Malaysia. We offer you industry grade solar light solutions that meet your budget and can exceed your expectations. We’re trusted by multinational businesses, corporations, factories and warehouses when it comes to flawless solar lighting solutions.
We have been designing customized solar LED lights for factories, city streets, residential tamans, farms, parking lots, corporate parking lots and government projects. Our industrial grade SLM solar powered lights can be used anywhere regardless of whether you’re living in an urban place or rural area because these solar light products never depend on conventional electricity. Our SLM products are specially designed for industrial and commercial installation.
Depending on your needs, SLM experts can change the number of lumens used in an LED solar light. We can even add 38,800 lumens in a solar led street light if you need to cover a wide area with super bright light. Our high end solar-powered led street lights are featured with world class LEDs from Phillips, Osram, LG, Cree and Brightlux.

Perform Better Than Solar Lights Offered By Our Competitors

SLM products are designed to work better than solar lights offered by our competitors. Our solar lights are maintenance free and keep working during the natural hazards.

SLM never compromises on quality. We design solar street lights that offer high intensity lighting without consuming a single unit of conventional electricity. Also our high quality solar light products are easy to install, enhance safety and the visibility around your place, and on top of that you don’t have to pay monthly fees for electricity usage.

How SLM Solar Lights Add Value For Your Business or Project?

SLM uses proven technology to design the solar lights that can add value to your business. Not only are you going to reduce your operating expenditures but by installing SLM solar powered outdoor lights you can deter crime and allow your workers to perform their duties effectively.

In recent years use of solar lighting has gained attraction for being very beneficial to businesses. From large warehouses to big manufacturing units to corporate campuses, SLM solar powered lights have added value to a variety of businesses. Your companies will save thousands of ringgits each year by installing our cost effective solar powered lights.

Case Study: SLM Solar Street Lights Installed For A Shopping Mall

Location: Kuala Lumpur

When you have installed commercial grade solar lights in the parking lot of your shopping mall, it is a clear message for your shoppers that you’re striving to save the environment. Also this is a way to tell the shoppers that you are concerned about their security when they come to shop after the sunset. Even if accidently your shopping mall may experience power failure, SLM solar lights will stay on and will keep the area illuminated.
Installation cost of our SLM solar powered lights is eighty thousand and our clients, the shopping mall can save hundreds of thousand on electricity consumption each year.

Case Studies: SLM Solar Street Lights Installed For A Multinational Factory

Location: Shah Alam

SLM is proud to have installed 270 solar street lights for a multinational factory. The factory spent about $300,000 a year on road and parking lot lighting. Now, the factory says that by using SLM solar street lights, it does not have to pay for maintenance costs and electricity consumption.

Why Industrial Designed Solar Lights Is Important

Commercially developed outdoor LED solar lights are very different from the cheaper systems on the market. SLM industrial grade solar powered LED light is designed to perform to your specifications. If you don’t believe about that, you can try buying a cheap solar light from online platforms. We are very sure you will be left in the DARK. The lights found on online platforms for RM100 weren’t designed for heavy use. The packaging box labels 100 Watt LEDs when in reality they’re just the equivalent of a 10 Watt LED.

Now let’s come back to our SLM industrial grade solar lights. They are constructed with premium aluminium, Monocrystalline solar panel, high quality lifepo4 battery and world famous LEDs, these SLM industrial grade solar light provide reliable lighting from small to large areas and can withstand a wide variety of harsh weather conditions.

Improve Safety Of Your Parking Lot With SLM Solar Powered Lighting

Commercial solar LED parking lot lights are a great option for new and existing parking lots as they do not require wiring or electricity to function.

Our SLM smart solar powered lights are made of high quality monocrystalline solar panels and lifepo4 rechargeable batteries. As a result, our solar parking lot light batteries last longer and provide better lighting results. Commercial solar parking lot lights are an efficient way to significantly reduce your electricity bill. Our SLM parking lot solar lights help you realize significant savings with no drilling required and low long-term maintenance costs.

Top Rated Commercial Solar Light Solutions

When it comes to outdoor commercial solar lights, Solar Light Malaysia (SLM) is your #1 choice. Commercial outdoor solar lights combine eco-friendly green technology with energy-efficient LED lights to maximize cost-effectiveness. Solar Light Malaysia (SLM) offers Solar Powered Street Lighting, Solar Parking Lot Lighting, Solar Pathway Lighting, Solar Park Lighting, Solar Security Lighting and Solar Sign Lighting solutions.

Installation Of Solar Lights – Leave It To Us!

SLM is blessed with the solar light installation experts who never fail to serve the customers’ needs. Our installation crew is growing with extensive expansion of Solar Light Malaysia (SLM). Our team is ready to serve you from Kuala Lumpur to Selangor and will offer you solar lighting experience that you have not ever experienced earlier.

Always trust the industry experts like SLM and never fall prey to the ordinary resellers of Solar Lights who may not offer you a turnkey solution. Many of them are white-collar who don’t have experience in solar light installation. Engaging the services of SLM means you’re going to work with an authentic solar lighting company offering services to large and small businesses alike.

Send us a message on WhatsApp 012 – 405 8791 and one of our customer care representatives will answer your queries. You may also submit your queries and our solar light engineers will review your requirements to offer you the right solution for your needs.