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About Us

SLM stands for Solar Light Malaysia, based in Puchong, Selangor is an industry leading solar light supplier, distributor and installer. SLM solar lights, solar flood lights, solar ceiling lights, solar street lights and solar fans are premier choice for durability, serviceability and hassle-free performance. We supply, design, install high performance solar-powered led lights for individual homes, factories, buildings and projects.

Reasons Why People Choose Us Always

Industry Expertise

Over 30 years combined experience in industry. We take care of all the technical work and help you choose the best solar lighting for your homes and projects.

Industrial Quality

Our solar light products meet the industrial quality standards.All our products are durable and long-lasting.

Showroom & Warehouse

Own showroom with demonstration facilities and warehouse with huge inventory of solar lights.

Huge Product Range

We stock a wide range of solar lights that we are confident can deliver exceptional performance.

Latest Technology

We move with the most RECENT Technology.

Experience in Large Project

Have done many projects over the years.

Strong Technical Team

We have in-house electronic repair team and installation team.

Trusted Advice/ trustworthy

SLM’s proven track record of credibility and reliability ensures you are in good hands.

Spare Parts Available

We have a huge range of spare parts available on the shelf for all models of our solar products.

What We Offer

We provide solar spot light, solar street light, solar flood light, solar ceiling light and solar battery installation/ replacement/ repair services for residential and commercial projects.
For large projects, we can manage the entire process from specification to installation.We have nearly 2 decades of experience and strong technical capabilities, we keep up with cutting-edge technology in this field.
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Latest Technologies In Our High End Range

Our solar panels use the new generation of hybrid solar cells which can work during rainy days. The next generation SMD LED emitters are used in our solar lights. These LEDs have high reliability and are designed to operate in a wide range of outdoor solar lights.They are among the brightest in the market.

High Performance Chip Array SMD LED

High lumen and good durability

High Quality Solar Panel

Excellent light trapping and current collection

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Our wide selection of solar LED lights includes solar streel lights, solar ceiling lights, solar flood lights as well as many outdoor solar lights.

How Do Solar Light Work

The main components of solar light are usually a solar rechargeable battery, LEDs and solar cells (solar panel). When the sun is out, the SLM solar panel absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to electric current. And then store this current in a rechargeable battery. The SLM solar light turns on automatically when it is dark and switches off when the sun rises and vice versa.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Light

No Electricity Cost

Zero electricity consumption. Solar lights are powered by energy from the sun, there are no energy costs!

No Power Cables

No electrician needed. No direct main wiring.No power trips!

Green Energy

It is renewable, green and most importantly good for the planet.

Power Outage/ No Electricity

In some remote areas, people still live with no access to electricity. Extreme weather conditions like flooding and lightning can cause power disruption. Be prepared for a power outage.

Automatic Switch On/Off

No timer, no reminders! Automatically switch on when it’s dark and switch off when the sun rises.

Maintenance Free

Solar lights work automatically and require no manual intervention after installation.

Safer Environment

Increase safety and reduce risk of break in. Help you stay safe and comfortable.


You can re-locate the solar lights anywhere you like. You can even bring them to your camping sites.

Where Is The Best Place To Install Solar Lights?

Solar lights can be installed anywhere as long as sunlight is available because they do not require electrical wiring.

Which Direction Should Your Solar Panels Be Facing?

The most optimum solar panel direction is South. This is the best direction for your solar panels to receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

What we have achieved so far







What our customer says

SLM strives to maintain a reputation for high-quality, innovative solar light solutions that everyone can rely on. Here’s what customers have to say about SLM solar light products.

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Solar Lights For Factories and Warehouses

Cut down your operating expenses now by installing SLM Solar-Powered Lights.

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