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Sam is the co-founder of SLM. Sam has sold 55,000 units of solar lights. He has written many blog posts and provided consulting services to many companies. His research focuses on the importance of solar energy in our daily life.

端午节安康幸福快乐Happy Dumpling Festival

By |2024-06-10T05:58:20+00:00June 10, 2024|SolarLights|

端午节安康幸福快乐Happy Dumpling FestivalSolar Light Malaysia 福大家的心充满幸福和喜悦,与亲人朋友共同度过美好端午   Happy Dumpling Festival 预知更多关于太阳能电灯的详细资料,欢迎拨打我们的热线:For any inquiry [...]

Solar Light Malaysia 与您同庆中秋佳节

By |2023-09-29T03:29:27+00:00September 29, 2023|Solar Flood Light|

Solar Light Malaysia 与您同庆中秋佳节月亮慢慢变圆世事即将如愿千江有水千江月人🈷连心两团圆 Solar Light Malaysia 福大家的心充满幸福和喜悦,与亲人朋友共同度过美好中秋佳节Happy Mid-Autumn Festival   预知更多关于太阳能电灯的详细资料,欢迎拨打我们的热线:For [...]


By |2023-01-31T06:34:31+00:00January 31, 2023|Solar Light Technology, SolarLights|

🧧正月初十🧧🍊开工大吉🍊🧨发发发大财🧨           ,願一切好運與你相伴,幸福喜樂與你同行,🐰🐰2023兔年行大運 🌷🌸       Solar Light Malaysia ㊗️各位开工大吉,事事顺利🤑    💗 好運財運亨通,十分興旺 🧧~。💰🍊兴🌟旺🌟发🍊💰  


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