Solar Street Lights For Commercial and Industrial Projects


Nowadays, the demand for solar street lights is increasing for obvious reasons. One important reason is long-term cost savings and another is green energy and environment.

These solar street lights work automatically from night till morning. This article discusses the most important solar lights applications in Malaysia.



There Are 6 Areas Of Solar Light Applications.


Airport Buildings and Compounds

Many international and domestic airports are installed with solar lights because they are easy to install and do not have to pay for electricity consumption. . These LED lights are installed on the hanger, parking, terminal building, control tower, runway and taxiway. Furthermore, solar lights require very little maintenance.


Commercial and Industrial Lighting (Factories/ Government Buildings)

The solar LED lighting system has an extraordinary battery system that provides 3 days of continuous lighting in cloudy days. Factory areas are very large. Therefore, they require a lot of electricity to power up for outdoor lighting. Installing our SLM solar lights reduces the cost of electrical wiring and reduces maintenance costs. Check out some of the commercial solar lighting services we offer.


Highway and Tunnel Lighting

Solar LED street lights are also very effective in cutting down road accidents. With the help of these solar lights, We do not have to travel in the dark. The risk of accidents is greatly minimized.

We can install additional solar lights as we like because there is no external cables are required for electrical connections. These solar powered street lights can be easily installed on remote roads and highways without electricity. LED street lights provide clear visibility to motorists, pedestrians and drivers.

High Quality Lighting LED lighting systems beautify urban areas at night without compromising the safety and environment.


Motorcycle Lanes Lighting

Our dedicated motorcycle lanes are dangerous especially along the Federal Highway where most motorcyclists and bikers don’t use the dedicated lanes. You see most motorcyclists and bikers riding on the highway and NOT using the motorcycle lanes on either side. Riding at night is actually very dangerous.

Some places are very dark and you need to be extra alert. Some spots along Bangsar South to Jalan Gasing areas which are of serious concern. There are some motorists have been robbed. You have to be very careful.


Parks, Basketball Courts and Playgrounds Lighting

Solar lighting systems are useful for parks and playgrounds as they help illuminate the trails, paths and parking lots.

Since they do not require electricity, they can be placed anywhere in the park where proper lighting is required. These solar floor lights aka solar spot lights ensure the safety of children playing after dark and also help police to secure areas at night.

Today most basketball and football games are played at night for a variety of reasons. Therefore, by installing solar LED lights in stadiums and courts, it is possible to strongly illuminate the places.

For each sport, playgrounds require strong lighting known as solar flood lights. This can be achieved with no electricity cost and minimal maintenance via our SLM solar flood lights.


Outdoor security lighting

Solar-powered security lights are illuminated by solar energy which is converted into electric energy. As a result, these are a practical choice for security purposes, as without electricity they can operate at night because the sun provides needed energy during the day.

These lights automatically turn on when it senses any motion. They also operate during cloudy weather conditions and provide reliable lighting anytime. Outdoor lights are very successful in rural areas and Intelizon’s Zonstreet has been satisfyingly deployed it in the Rural Districts.

In fact, with lots of advantages, solar lights are also used in hospital parking, residential lighting, camping areas for tourists, etc. These solar street lights require fewer procedures for installation and also provide high power lighting when compared to conventional lighting. But we have to know that these lights are not a practical option for every application because the cost is on the higher side.

These Solar LED street lights require less system for installation and also provide high power lighting when compared to conventional lighting. It also offers shelf life and minimal maintenance.


Outdoor Security/ Safety Lighting

Solar powered security lights are powered by solar energy generated by the solar panels. Therefore, they are environmental friendly. They are a practical choice, as the sun provides free energy for our SLM solar light in Malaysia.

These solar lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn. It works even in cloudy weather, ensuring reliable lighting at all times.

Outdoor solar lighting is very effective in rural areas. There are thousands of solar lights being installed each month. In fact, solar lights are also widely used in hospital parking lots, farms, tourist camping sites, jetty and etc.

These solar street lights require less installation steps than traditional lighting and also provide bright illumination.

These solar LED street lights require less time to install and provide more effective lighting compared to traditional lighting. It also offers durability and minimal maintenance.


Best Solar Lights For Your Projects

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