Benefits Of Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The credit lies in saving energy and reducing pollutions. Solar lights are the best solution when enough sunlight is available. Local governments can use natural light sources to illuminate parks, streets, tamans and other public places.

Solar-powered street lights can provide an eco-friendly solution for communities. Installing solar street lights eliminates the need to rely on the electrical grid. It will also bring about positive social change. Considering the long-term benefits and the price of solar street lights is low. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a single cent for the electricity bills.


What Is a Solar Street Light?

Solar street lights are street lights powered by sunlight. Solar lights use solar panels to collect electricity from sunlight. The solar panels charge the rechargeable solar batteries, and these batteries power street lights at night.

In its current state, solar street lights are designed to operate continuously with minimal human intervention. These solar street lights are powered by an internal lithium solar battery. Solar street lights are considered cheap. Moreover, they do not harm your environment. These solar lights illuminate streets and other public areas without relying on mains power. They use renewable green energy. Solar lights are preferred for some advanced features that traditional ac power lights do not offer. They are ideal for both commercial and private project applications. They are nicely designed, long lasting and with low maintenance.


Solar Street Lights Use Green Energy To Safe Our Environment

Solar light is nothing new to this world. It has been around for quite sometimes now. Today, we use solar energy to power our devices, our homes and offices. Solar street lights serve the same purpose. The unparalleled quality and high efficiency capabilities of solar lights make them ideal for outdoor applications. Solar powered street lights can be installed in all public places like campuses, schools, warehouses, factories, outdoor parking lots, buildings, farms, and streets.

There are many different types of solar street lights. By installing solar street lights, you can promote sustainable energy and greatly minimize pollution.

As mentioned above, solar panels play an important role in solar lights. Solar street lights have components such as solar LED chips, solar controllers, solar batteries and solar light poles.

Our SLM solar street lights are easy to install and easy to carry. During the day, the solar panel stores the sun’s electricity in batteries. They absorb electricity and pass it on to the battery. At night, a motion sensor/ solar sensors are activated to control the solar street lights. It will switch on and off automatically.


What Are the Advantages of Solar Street Lights?

The key benefit is the environmentally friendly solution. After installing solar street lights, users can rely on solar energy to power up the streets and other public spaces. As mentioned above, solar street lights are more advanced now. When it comes to the benefits, there are many.

Green Alternative

In traditional lighting, people rely on the grid for energy. During the blackouts, there will be no light. However, sunlight is available everywhere, and it is abundant in many parts of the world. Sunlight is the leading renewable energy in the world. The upfront cost might be a bit more. However, once the installation is done, the expense will be less. In the current condition, solar power is considered the cheapest source of the energy.

As it comes with an in-built battery system, you can power up the streets when sunlight is not available. Also, the batteries are recyclable and will not harm the environment.

The biggest advantage is the eco-friendly solution. After fixing solar street lights at the premises, the street and other public areas are illuminated by solar energy for free. As mentioned previously, solar street light technology is very advanced now.

For conventional lighting solutions, people have to rely on the ac power sources. You do not get lights during blackout. However with solar street light solutions, you won’t have this problem. Your solar lights continue to work during blackout because solar panels collect electricity and store in the lithium battery. Moreover, the battery is recyclable and does not harm the environment.

Solar Lights Are Cost effective

Solar street lights are inexpensive. There is not much difference between solar lights and conventional lights. With solar lights, you don’t have to pay for electric consumption.

No wiring is required for solar lights, thus you do not need to hire electricians to do the solar light installation.

Another great advantage is that you do not get power trip problem anymore.


Basically Solar Lights Are Maintenance-free

Solar street lights are maintenance free. Due to the use of photocells, the need for maintenance is greatly reduced. During the day, the solar controller switches the lights off. If the panel does not generate charge after sunset, the solar controller turns on the light. The solar panels are cleaned automatically during the rain.

Zero Electricity Bill

Solar streetlights save your electricity bill. You do not need to pay monthly electricity bills. There is a huge savings.


Secure Your Home By Installing SLM Solar Lights Now

With the solar lights installed, you will feel safer and sleep better at night. Your premises are bright at night.

There will be no power outages or utility bills to pay. You can enjoy your favourite outdoor activities without worrying about your power bill. Solarlights also create a safe environment for your family.

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