Few Tips for Installing Your Outdoor Solar Lights

Need better lighting at night for your garden? Check out our tips for installing outdoor solar lights in your garden.

If you’re looking for garden lighting solution, especially if you need to illuminate entrance, walk ways or car porch you can’t go wrong with our SLM outdoor solar lights.

Our SLM Solar lights are affordable and easy to install. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Now take some time to think about where you want to install your solar lights and make sure the solar lights can be mounted and get enough sunlights.


Follow These Tips To Keep Your New SLM Solar Lights Working At Their Optimal Conditions

Place Your Solar Lights Ideally

The most important thing to think about when installing SLM outdoor solar led lights in your garden is placement. What is the purpose of the solar lights? What’s the aim you want to achieve? When illuminating your walk ways, it is good idea to position the solar lights as close as possible so you will be able to see the walk ways clearly.

If you would like to illuminate your autogate entrance, you fix your solar lights on the pillars of your car porch. This way, you should be able to have sufficient lights to see who is at your entrance.

You should also consider whether the placement of your solar lights lighting may be blocking or cause burden to your lawn mower.

You don’t want to put your solar lights where it’s hard to mow or where yours kid cycle around. Also, you don’t want your children to trip over the solar lights when playing outside in the garden. Place your solar lights in a conspicuous and unobtrusive location. It helps to draw a layout plan in advance where you will install the new solar lighting.

Solar lights need sunlight to work, so you also need to make sure they absorb the maximum amount of direct sunlight each day. If you install the solar panel separately, please install the solar panel where most sunlight is available. Make sure there are no tree branches or leaves blocking the solar panels, and you have to trim your trees from time to time.


Fully Charged Before Installing It

Before installing the new SLM solar lights, please charge them first. New outdoor lighting needs at least 12-14 hours of sunlight to fully charge before installation. A new solar light can be charged for 2 days if needed. Leave the new solar led lights in a sunny place to ensure the battery is fully charged before installing the new led solar light.


Solar Lights Can Be Installed On The Poles

Prepare The Footing

Most SLM outdoor solar lights can be installed on the poles. Your poles can be inserted into the ground. But you will have to do a concrete footing with some digging and cement works.

Installing solar lights outside are often inexpensive and simple upgrade to your home. You may add more lighting where it’s needed since they don’t require any electricity power source and extremely low maintenance.


Get Your Solar Lights Installed Now

We have many new solar light models available now. Most of our solar light uses aluminium housing which is very long lasting. Feel free to stop by or call our solar light experts on 03 – 8062 5891/ 012-405 8791or whatsapp https://wa.me/60124058791 or visit our youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQMPKcs70TM&t=8s