Best Solar Lights in Malaysia


The best solar lights you can buy today. These are the best solar lights to light your home at night.

The best solar lights transform your home as soon as the sun goes down. The best solar lights from Solar Light Malaysia not only provide the right lighting, they can also be used to live up a house. In addition, they can improve the ambiance and deter intruders anywhere.

However, with so many solar lights on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your home.

First, you need to think about what your main purpose is. For large outdoor areas, balconies or front car porch?

From solar floodlights and solar spotlights to solar street lights, we have a design for every home. Also, how easy is it to install and use, and what is your budget? Customers will pay more for products or services they believe are well made or above standard.

We have selected the best solar lights for every garden and lifestyle.

What Are The Best Solar Lights?

After extensive testing, we found SLM ET series, SLM SPACE series and SLM D series to be the best solar lights for your homes.

If you need flood lights, consider investing in SLM ET series and SLM D series solar outdoor flood lights. These solar lights are super bright and withstand the weatherproof. These solar lights have a beautiful stainless steel body that looks classy. Installation is very simple. Just set it up and forget it. No maintenance required.

If you’re looking for the best high brightness solar street lights, the SLM SPACE series impresses with high lumens and up to 600 LED arrays. In these solar powered street lights, the solar panel is mounted directly on the lamp head, making the unit somewhat compact. This SLM SPACE series can be your best choice due to its easy installation. The SLM SPACE series solar powered street lights can be adjusted to their optimum position easily.

SLM Solar Light ET Series SLM Solar  SLM Solar Light D Series Light ET Series

SLM Solar Light Space Series SLM Solar Light Space Series

SLM Solar Light D Series SLM Solar Light D Series

How The SLM Solar Lights Are Tested?

We tested all of these solar lights in our homes and offices in Malaysia for few months. For consistency, we unpacked everything first and put it outside to charge in different spots in our gardens and corridor.

All had different amount of sunlights coming from different angles. After a week, we installed the SLM solar lights in different locations to monitor which solar lights were working normally and how long they stayed on.

We also tested it for water resistance, and spray water on the solar lights for few hours. After our initial test, we installed the SLM solar lights in place and monitored how it held up in different weather conditions. For few months, solar light have been exposed to Malaysia weather like hot, humid, cloudy, and rainy days. We made sure they stayed in place at all times.


Be Aware They Are Many Low Quality Solar Lights Available From Online Platforms.

Don’t be fooled by the reviews/ pictures online before you buy. Many of them are fakes. These can make the solar lighting appear brighter and larger than it actually is. Therefore, please check the specifications for exact information. If you need to cover a specific area, be sure to check the actual number of solar LEDs you’re getting and the size of the battery. Many fake specifications out there claiming that the solar battery has a capacity of 72000mah.

Go Green With Solar Light Malaysia Now!

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