Where Is The Best Place To Install Solar Lights

Choosing the best solar lights is one thing, but finding the perfect spot for them in your garden is another thing to consider. This requires a combination of preference and practicality. You don’t just want your lamp to look good, you also need it to work effectively.

Choices can be limited by many factors, including functionality, aesthetics, and environment. Places you want to install the solar lights, but some objects might be blocking the solar panels. We’ve put together a handy solar light guide to help you find the best locations for your solar lights.

How To Install Solar Lights In The Right Place

Ideally the more sunlight a solar panel receives, the better, but that doesn’t mean solar lights can’t work in low sunlight conditions. Solar lights still can work in partially shaded areas.

You need to make sure your solar panels are positioned where they will be exposed to the sun.
Don’t let trees or building walls block the sun light that cover a significant portion of the solar panel throughout the day.

If there is something blocking the solar panel, the solar lights may not be bright when the power is low in the battery. Therefore, it is important to place the solar light panel in direct sunlight. This will allow the solar light panel to absorb electricity and make the solar lights work brighter and longer at night.

How to Place the Best Solar Lights: Functionality vs. Aesthetics

Placement also depends on the type of solar lights you buy. Before buying a solar light, you should do a planning first. Whether it’s a solar spot light or solar ceiling light, you know what you’re trying to achieve, so you can get a rough idea of where to place them.

If you want to add some aesthetic value to your garden with solar lights, the placement can be more flexible and complicated.

Types Of Solar Lights And The Best Places To Place Them

Solar Street Light – If we want to place solar lights along the road, we should use solar street lights. The solar lights should not be too close or too far to each other. If you install too many of these solar street lights, they look very messy during the day. It’s a good idea to test a pair in a small area before burying them and planting them into the ground.

This will help prevent unwanted holes. Make sure this is also clearly visible so as not to be a tripping hazard. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to suitable street areas to place solar lights

Outdoor solar lights – When installing solar lights, you have to do proper planning so that your solar lights illuminate the entire areas and gardens according to their height and area size. Before installation, please check the installation height so that you are satisfied with the lighting level and location.

Keep in mind that for solar lights placed high up, you need to illuminate where you need them, and you need to go back there if you need to adjust or service them. Therefore it must be accessible.

Make sure your solar lights are optimally placed

In order to select and place the solar street lights or solar outdoor lighting in the right place, you need to plan ahead. Contact Solar Lights Malaysia (SLM) today on 03 – 8062 5891 for advice on how to choose the right solar lights.

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