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If you’re in search of solar light products that you can trust and that must be made to live with severe weather conditions of Malaysia, then SLM (Solar Light Malaysia) must be your first choice. We have a wide range of solar powered products that include but are not limited to solar ceiling light, solar fan, led solar street lights, solar flood light, solar spot light, and commercial solar street lights. We offer flawless as well as high performing solar powered products and it’s guaranteed that every product you receive from SLM requires minimal maintenance. Buying solar powered street lights means you don’t have to worry about wiring, hacking, digging or piping. Solar street lighting is always preferred when it comes to commercial application of this technology in addition to governmental projects. Are you one of those who really care about the natural and eco-friendly environment? If your response is yes, then keep reading further.

2 Most Significant Types of Solar Powered Lights

Split solar light and integrated solar light are the two most important types of solar powered lights available on the market.
Split solar light comes in two units where the solar panel is considered one unit and all the remaining solar light components are enclosed in its second unit. Both units, in combination, make the split solar light.
All the solar light components such as solar panel, solar LED chip, solar battery and mounting brackets along with solar controller come enclosed in one unit which is known as integrated solar light.

Split Solar Street Lights

As described earlier, there are two parts of Split Solar Light. Solar controller, solar led chip and solar lithium battery are packed in the aluminium lamp body. As you can see in the provided photo, the solar panel comes as a detached part of the light. Solar ceiling light and solar flood light are considered the types of split solar street lights.

Integrated Solar Street Lights

Super quality solar panels, charging controller, LED modules, lithium batteries, anti-theft brackets, PIR and Motion Sensor Detector Module along with all other minor components are packed in one unit. This entire unit is known as integrated solar street light, otherwise known as “All in One Solar Street Light”. Solar panel which is the built-in part of the unit is normally mounted on top of these solar lights.
Intelligently designed holder of the solar led street light, comes with built-in battery, solar panel and led light source. Because of its compact design and uncomplicated assembly, installation of integrated solar street light is pretty straightforward. SLM’s high endSolar Powered Street Lights are smart enough to make adjustments in their brightness, improve efficiency and save the stored power.
A general rule is that the capacity of a battery is directly proportional to its volume and area of board for the battery. Since the area as well as the volume of the battery’s board provided with ‘All In One Solar Street Light’ is fixed and limited, hence these types of lights are not appropriate options where there are high lighting requirements.
Note: If you are curious about the capacity of the battery, you must double check the technology which is used to manufacture the solar light. At SLM, most advanced all In One Solar Street Lights come with monocrystalline solar panels that efficiently absorb sunlight to make it work more or less the same as Split Solar Street Lights do.
Both of these solar lighting products are high performance devices so you may choose to install any of these two products but you need to consider the weather conditions, your lighting requirements, etc.

Solar LED Street Light Composition

1. Body – You can witness that in the Malaysian market solar street lights are very cost effective because their body is made up of plastic.
Point to be noted is that aluminium is always a better choice if budget allows to replace the plastic body with something better. Aluminium alloy is an even better option to be used in Malaysian weather conditions because it offers superior aging resistance, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. Nevertheless, you may find even cheaper options in the market as there are manufacturers who are offering integrated solar street lights with plastic housings.

2. Power Storage and Supply with Lithium Battery – Without battery it won’t be possible to store and supply the electric current to the solar led street light. Battery is charged with the help of absorbed sunlight by the photovoltaic cell during the day time and is discharged at the night time whereas the controller controls this entire mechanism. Lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and gel batteries are the usual types of batteries used for solar street lamps. Highly efficient batteries must offer the following benefits:
A. Higher charge rate
B. Strong deep discharge proficiency
C. Longer lifespan
D. Low-Battery self-discharge
Top rated manufacturers of solar street lights prefer using lithium batteries for being environment-friendly and having a longer lifespan. The best news is that SLM uses only brand new as well as high quality batteries for their all types of solar light indoor as well as outdoor products.

3. SLM Controller – Solar Light Malaysia (SLM) always uses LQR controllers with their solar lighting products. SLM controller is made to limit, increase, control output period and adjust the output power for the solar powered devices. Let’s have a closer look at these four important functions of the SLM Controller:
A. The very first function performed by an SLM controller is to limit the input voltage for the battery.
B. Secondly, its function is to increase the voltage when there is no output voltage which is necessary to bring the voltage to a certain level which is required by the solar lamp to be illuminated.
C. Another function of the SLM controller is to control the output period so that solar light should be turned on at specified time.
D. Lastly it functions to make adjustments in the output power for the solar light. For instance, it can adjust the output power to 100 watts when it is night time and 20 watts in the morning.
If you are in need of high-end Solar Street Lights, then SLM Solar Products equipped with the most refined MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controllers can be your best bet. This highly proficient MPPT Controller detects output current of the main circuit and the voltage of direct current, measures the output power of the solar array while tracking the max power point.

4. Sensor Device for Solar Light – Solar Sensor device for the Integrated Solar Street Lights consist of human motion sensors, photovoltaic cells and radar sensors. SLM makes use of Intelligent Radar Systems in high-end outdoor solar spot lights, solar street lights as well as a variety of solar lighting products. This intelligent radar system detects the objects on the street. Usually it keeps the light at 30 percent brightness but as soon as something is detected near the solar lamp outdoors, it increases the brightness up to 100 percent which returns to 30 percent after half a minute.

5. Types of Solar Panels – Polycrystalline and monocrystalline are the two major types of solar panels. Basic function of the solar panel is to absorb the sunlight, convert into electric charge and store it into the battery. Conversion rate of the monocrystalline solar panels is certainly better (17%) than the conversion rate offered by the polycrystalline solar panels (12%). To offer the best results SLM only uses the brand new solar panels in all solar powered products.

6. Solar LED – Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED is the one of the most refined types of LED to be used to save energy. SMD LED produces the light within the solar light enabling the chip to significantly impact the cost of the solar LED light. To achieve a specific standard of light output and colour consistency, finest quality LED chips are designed. Have peace of mind while buying SLM products because we use SMD LEDs manufactured by the world class brands.

The Quality &The Price Of Solar Lights

The quality of the above discussed components decides the quality of a solar powered product. When you buy a solar light, you may be surprised to find a huge kind of price variance while comparing different products.

Issues Related to Quality When You Chose to Buy from Online Platforms

You are recommended to be cautious when you are going to buy solar led lights online. There are fraudulent sellers who make false promises on wattage and sell substandard products. You can’t only rely on their online reviews because it is very much possible that these reviews may not be genuine as well.

A Quick Note on Low Quality LED Solar Lights

All LEDs may have the same appearance but not exactly they may offer the same level of quality. A high quality LED may cost you a few ringgits for a unit whereas a low quality LED can be bought at the rate of around RM 0.20 per unit.
Issues that you may encounter because of the Low Quality LEDs may include but not limited to:

  • Inconsistent colours, brightness and lifespan.
  • Quick burnout
  • Light starts fading after a short span of time

Poor Quality LED Chips

Hi Quality LED Chips

The only way to avoid these issues is to avoid buying poor quality solar lights from online platforms.

You can avoid all these issues without spending a lot of money and for that you only should buy SLM Solar Powered Products.

How to Find the Best Quality Solar LED Lighting Products?

There is a pretty simple rule to follow. For quality products you may have to spend some extra ringgits. So you’re advised not to get tempted to buy cheap products and save just a few ringgits and then keep crying for not buying quality products. Always prefer quality and dare to spend some extra pennies to have peace of mind. Also buy solar lighting products just from the authentic Solar Powered Product supplier like SLM. We guarantee the quality solar lighting products at very competitive rates.

It is always recommended to buy solar lighting products manufactured by a reliable brand. It may sound great to save some ringgits while buying your solar light from an online e-commerce platform at a low price. However, buying cheap and low quality solar security lights can be proved risky. These types of retailers even do not offer any advice or after-sale service if unfortunately, you may encounter issues and want to return the product.

Avoid Buying Bad Quality Solar Panels and Batteries

We’ve already discussed the basic types of solar panels such as mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline. Since mono-crystalline solar panels offer a better conversion rate therefore, you’ll have to spend some extra money for that. Also the quality of the battery attached with the solar light is also a deciding factor for the calculation of its price. Hence these are the factors that determine the price of a solar light.

The Battery: Real Power And “Fake” Power Of Solar Lights

Modern solar lights outdoor often use lithium batteries, otherwise known as LiFePO4, because these batteries have a longer life cycle and charge quickly as compared to traditional lead acid batteries, and don’t require any maintenance.
You have to be cautious specifically if you’re buying your solar led lights from an online seller. Some customers wonder why SLM’s solar lights are very low power, while many solar lights on the market are up to 80000mAH. Read the batteries’ labels carefully as they usually claim that a battery of extremely high capacity is provided with the solar lights.
Some sellers even claim for small led solar ceiling lights to be provided with a 72,000mAh battery. The size of 72,000mAh is humongous. Therefore, imagine: “Is this possible to fit this huge size battery into a small pack solar floor light?”. The battery itself cost more than your purchase price of the solar light.

Look at the size 72000mAH spec

Warning: When making a purchase from an unknown source, always ensure that the solar light you buy is provided with a new battery. Online sellers tend to sell their solar lighting products with used batteries. However, if you’re going to buy your solar lighting through SLM, this isn’t something you have to worry about.

Important note:To buy high quality solar street lights, we recommend choosing A grade LiFePO4 battery or B grade lifepo4 battery. The cost is higher than other solar battery, but it is long lasting.

Substandard Products on Your Way – Tread Carefully

The rise of substandard products is happening more frequently due to e-commerce platforms that don’t really do authentication and quality checks of the sellers. People often don’t realize or notice that the solar lighting products they buy are super low quality and phony. The majority of the sellers, who are selling solar powered outdoor lights through “online”, are actually selling fake and inauthentic products.

While selling online, a seller can use whatever name they choose to use, and with such a broad range and reach of an audience they have a chance to access customers who can’t differentiate authentic and inauthentic products. With access to millions of customers, these low quality products can sell at high rates, and they aren’t what the seller is after.

Deal with Trusted Solar Light Companies / Solar Light Sellers

When buying online, one of the biggest issues is to get the fair price of the product you’re buying.
When working with SLM, rest assured that you’re getting high quality solar flood lights, solar spot lights, solar ceiling lights, solar street lights, outdoor garden lights and solar gate lights for residential as well as commercial usage at a price that won’t break the bank. When working with SLM solar lighting experts, you’re not only going to get good quality solar light products but we will ensure that you must be offered a very good service as well.

Solar Light Malaysia(SLM) must be your first choice because we offer the highest grade solar lights with high performing batteries and other solar light components.

We can bet that you will come back for more!

Give SLM a call at 012 – 405 8791 today! We’ll answer any questions, and prepare a project quote for you.

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